Garmin Fenix 6 Series Now Getting 8.10 Version

The Garmin has pushed another firmware version for all the Fenix 6 Series smartwatches for half of the users. The company rolled out the latest software version 8.10 with some additional functions and improvements to the existing ones. The update has now added support to the Virtual Running. To use it, you have to install Zwift mobile app and then activate the Virtual Run activity profile from the Garmin 6 Series smartwatch. Now you can make silent the notifications in your office hours so they won’t disturb you.

The last software versions were also launched with added functions and this one too has many features. It is not the only tally; some minor functions are well managed in this version and made sure to work well. All the changes happening in Software version 8.10 has listed below.

• Added support for Virtual Running. (Download the Zwift mobile app and launch the ‘Virtual Run’ activity profile on your Garmin device.)

• Added support for connecting to a shifting sensor (Sram Etap or Di2 bike) that supports up to 4 front and 12 rear gears.

• Added support for a ‘Silent’ option to the Smart notifications Sounds alert settings. (Menu > Phone > Smart Notifications > During Activity/Not During Activity > Sounds)

Fenix 6 Series Update

• Improved the user experience when call-related notifications are received.
• We improved the layout on the Ski Run Data Page.

• Improved error handling when using the Garmin Pay Wallet.

• Made some improvements to the DogTracker widget.

• Made several improvements to Clock.

• Made several improvements to Breathwork.

• Made several WiFi related improvements.

• Made several improvements to the music experience.

• Fixed an issue where the watch may freeze during a Ski activity.

• Fixed a couple of altimeter calibration issues. This should address speed spikes in activities with 3d speed enabled. (For example: Ski.)

• Fixed an issue with Brazil Daylight savings time.

• Fixed an issue where the device may crash when nearing the end of a climb, when using ClimbPro

• Fixed an issue where the device would always display the ‘Updating’ spinner when changing an alarm.

• Fixed an issue where certain workout names were not displaying correctly during a rest step.

• Fixed an issue where selection of an item in music lists (artist/genre) would yield a landing page for a different artist/genre.

• Fixed an issue where the device won’t tone/vibe at the end of a swim rest interval.

• Fixed an issue where advanced power fields were missing from the Biking activity.

As always, in the initial phase, the Garmin has launched an 8.10 firmware version for half of the users. Other 50% Garmin Fenix 6 series users will receive it in the coming weeks. If you don’t know in which half you are, then go to Settings and check it manually.