Garmin Forerunner 945, 245 & 245 Music Receives Swim 2 Features

The Garmin Forerunner 945, Forerunner 245 & 245 Music gets the Swim 2 features in the latest update. Recently, newly launched Fenix 6 series smartwatches have received all Swim 2 features and now came to other wearables. The company doesn’t have rolled out all the functions of Swim 2 which they have released on Fenix 6 series but most of the important features are here. Garmin has introduced support for over 1300 emojis and brings the improvements to the Spotify and other audio apps.

The company has excluded some functions from these Forerunner series smartwatches that supposed to launch with the new firmware. The beta firmware version 3.90 for both Forerunner 945, 245 & 245 Music is rolling out that brings auto rest, advanced swim workouts, critical swim speed and swim pacing alerts. It also added all-day respiration, respiration widget, and breathwork activity to the watches. All the notable changes in the update have listed below.

Swim 2 Features on Forerunner Series

Garmin Forerunner Update1. Add Garmin Swim 2 Features: Advanced Swim Workouts, Auto rest, Critical Swim Speed, Swim Pacing Alerts

2. Added all-day respiration, respiration widget, and breathwork activity

3. Improved treadmill calibration. An outdoor run prior to first treadmill use will improve performance.

4. Added Pilates

5. Improvements to Spotify, audio playback, other audio apps

6. Added advanced Yoga and Pilates Workouts

7. Added support for Hydration widget, tracking, and sweat loss

8. Added support for Airplane Mode, which allows the user to disconnect from all wireless communication namely Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ANT. (Hold Light > Controls > Hold Up > Add Controls > Airplane Mode)

9. Added support for file-based Emojis, which brings support for over 1300 Emojis. (Update your device through Express or connect it to Garmin Connect Mobile.)

10. Fixed an intermittent issue where the map would switch to a Dark theme when previewing a Pacepro course.

11. Various other fixes and improvements

Garmin has also added advanced Yoga & Pilates workout features to help you in the workout sessions. Since the last week, the company is rolling out major updates to its all Fenix & Forerunner series watches. As Garmin says, the new firmware is rolling out for 20% users every time so wait a while if you didn’t get it. Connect your watch to Express or Garmin Connect to install the new version.

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