Garmin Launched Hand Washing Timer & Reminder Widget

In the late game, Garmin has launched a hand washing widget to motivate users to wash their hands. It is for the user’s safety in the pandemic and to remind them to wash their hands. Apart from Garmin, Fitbit, Apple, Google & Samsung has launched its apps or widget to alert users. Google was the first player to introduce the Clock reminder for the Wear OS smartwatches. Later, Apple & Samsung comes up with handwashing timer for Apple Watches & Galaxy Watches. Now, in the Connect IQ Store, Garmin has launched a Handwashing timer & reminder widget.

When you download & install the widget, then every two hours, it will remind you to wash your hands with the soap, water & alcohol-based hand rub. By default, it is the value to two hours, but you can change it with your schedule like every 1 hour, 3 hours, or every half hour. What the widget is different from the other apps or widget is that Handwashing tells you how to wash hands in seven steps. The official advice from the World Health Organization (WHO) plays seven steps in the cool animation. Then the 30-second countdown will start to clean.

Garmin Hand Washing Widget

The handwashing widget runs in the background and vibrates on a given schedule. It is an excellent initiative from Garmin, which is now the third big player in the wearable industry for its customers. In the COVID-19, every user must follow healthy habits and keep hygiene. Install the app from Connect IQ Store on your Garmin smartwatch. The widget support on all the premium & mid-range wearables.