Garmin Releases Stable 10.10 Version for Fenix 6 & Marq Series

Garmin is finally releasing a stable 10.10 firmware update for the Fenix 6 series & Marq series smartwatches. After a long list of beta firmware updates for the Fenix 6 & Marq lineup, it is time to receive a stable version. In the stable version, users will get all the features that were included in the recent beta versions and with a more improved version. It is a stable piece of code, so you can expect fewer bugs and better results. It happened two times when the company brought back beta versions due to some issues, but the issue has now tackled in the current one.

The notable feature in the latest software is the Sleep Calculation widget for the smartwatches. It provides sleep data on the device and the sleep pattern to improve it. You can manually add the sleep widget from the Menu – Widget – Edits – +Add & then Sleep. Another added widget is Altitude Acclimation, and you can activate it from the same way in the widget section. Now, you can broadcast heart rate data from both ANT+ & Bluetooth options. It is the easiest option to share heart rate data with paired smartphones.

Fenix 6 Series Update

The users will also witness major changes in the user interface of various widgets with better quality. Also, it fixed Weather widget issues where it fails to load the data with iOS devices. Along with it, Garmin has squashed many known bugs to enhance the performance. As per the changelog, users will notice improvements in plenty of existing features. The update is now available to install, and currently, the first 20% of users are receiving it. With the firmware version 10.10, Garmin has pushed live sensor hub version 7.11 for the smartwatches.