Garmin Rolls Out New Update for Fenix 5 Series & Chronos

After upgrading premium smartwatches of Garmin from 2019, now, the company has dispatched the latest update to Fenix 5 series & Chronos smartwatches. Last week, the company seeded 8.10 firmware version to its Fenix 6 series watches with some additional functions. The newer wearables also come up with bug fixes and enhancements. Now this time, the Garmin Fenix 5, Fenix 5S & Fenix 5X, along with Garmin Chronos, are receiving 19.00 software versions. These are the older watches so you may find fewer changes and this time no additional functions.

Since the last few updates, Series 5 & Chronos watches have stopped getting new functions though Garmin is taking care of their battery life, slowness, and other bugs by fixing them. The latest version improves stability, fixed altimeter calibration, ski activity, and other changes that happen in it. You can find out all the notable fixes for the Fenix 5/5S/5X and Chronos in the list below.

Fenix 5 Series Update

• Fix altimeter calibration in the activity.

• Fixed a couple of issues that should improve device stability.

• Fixed an issue with altimeter calibration. This should address speed spikes in activities with 3D Speed enabled. (For example Ski.)

• Fixed an issue where the device might crash when unplugging from USB.

• Fixed an issue where the watch may freeze during a Ski activity.

• Fixed a couple of issues that should improve device stability.

The new update is available for only 20% of users, and later, all the remaining users will receive step by step. To install the latest version, go to Settings on the official Garmin app on the paired smartphone. If you find out other changes to this firmware update, then you can share it with us.