Garmin Swim 2 Features Come to Fenix 6 Series

The Garmin Swim 2 is a new smartwatch from the company, mostly focused on swimmers. Swim 2 has also exclusively launched with some advanced swimming features to get most from swimming sessions. Not anymore, in the latest firmware update, Garmin is now releasing these Swim 2 features to the Fenix 6 series watches. With the new software, Fenix 6 series users will get advanced swim workouts, auto rest, critical swim speed, swim pacing alerts, swim workout improvements, swim dead reckoning for OWS and Swim time data field.

All these features will help swimmers to get the most results from their swimming sessions. In the Fenix 6 series, Fenix 6, Fenix 6s, Fenix 6s Pro, Fenix 6X & Fenix 6X Pro is receiving the 5.72 beta version. Along with Swim 2 functions, it gets support for the Action menu with Expedition app as well as fixed many issues to improve the overall quality. Here is the list of all the changes made to Fenix 6 series smartwatches.

Garmin Fenix 6 Series 5.72 Beta Update

Fenix 6 series update1. Added support for Swim 2 features namely, Auto Rest, Swim Time data field, Swim workout improvements, Pacing Alerts, Swim Dead Reckoning for OWS and Critical Swim Speed.

2. Added support for Action Menu with the Expedition App. This should provide a more consistent and discoverable way to access more functions (actions) using the ‘Start’ key.

3. Improved compass performance.

4. Removed the “Edit” screen from the timer loop temporarily.

5. Fixed an issue where the device could register a speed spike during Ski activities.

6. Fixed an issue where the device may become unresponsive when trying to navigate certain types of PacePro enabled courses.

7. Fixed an issue where the device will crash when trying to manually connect to an ANT sensor after enabling Airplane mode.

8. Fixed an issue where one would see a Wifi error message when launching the Golf activity.

9. Fixed an issue with golf maps drawing incorrectly after the last beta update.

10. Fixed an issue where the map would intermittently stop updating during an activity.

11. Brought in improvements for CIQ.

12. Brought in improvements and bug fixes for music.

The new software is rolling out slowly in some countries. You may wait a while to receive it on your smartwatch. You can install the new version by using Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile app. We will inform you when there is a new version for other models.