Garmin Unpacked Five New Premium Smartwatches

Garmin has recently launched premium smartwatches which targets the very specific group. Under its Marq line company released five new smartwatches with different features and functions to play. Obviously, the cost range of these products shows that company is targeting the very niche section of customers. The range of the watches in the new series varies from $1500 to $2500. All the smartwatches in the series have unique role to play for the particular group.

With the launch of the Marq series, Garmin aims to introduce luxury smartwatches replacing its previous high end products. Marq series offers a several critical features like activity tracking, heart rate sensor, notifications and built-in music storage. Each smartwatch of the latest series is designed with highly specific customer group as its target.

The fitness focussed smartwatch Marq Athlete is cheapest among all and specially designed for athletes, it is priced for $1500. Marq Expedition, as its name suggests comes with expedition mode which reserve battery for longer time. It is priced for $1750. It also features a topographical maps and compass.

Garmin Marq Collection

Another premium device Marq Captain has been specially designed for sailing activities as it has features like tack assist, autopilot and man overboard. Price of this smartwatch is $1850. With the special focus on pilots, comes the Marq Aviator and offers features such as emergency navigation guide, weather report and much more. This smartwatch will cost you for $1950.

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The most premium and highly priced product of the series is Marq Driver, priced at $2500. As the watch targets the racers, it comes with essential features including track data and lap time. All the smartwatches in the Marq series have interesting as well as specific features that may fascinate the users. These products have pretty much design and highly specific function but each of the watch can’t run every app, as like other smartwatches.