Gear S2 Apps Increased Four Times In A Year

Remember last year Samsung had launched their first Tizen based Gear S2 smartwatch in market, that time it had very little apps in its Tizen Store. But now after the year of launch date it is now has many as four times apps in its store. When Samsung launched Gear S2 they they were declared that it has 1000 apps specially made for smartwatch, and if that it is true then now they added another 3000 apps in store. The number might be little for many of us but if we compare it with smartwatch market then definitely it is good sign.

With this app store now they are ready to compete with their competitors like Apple, Google, Xiaomi and Fitbit. The Apple Watch runs on their own iOS and others are running on Android OS which already has many apps for their Smartwatches. But now with these apps, Samsung can also fight in the wearable market. In the recent days many premium developers launched their quality apps for Gear S2, like Uber, Nike+, Running, S Health, Twitter Trends, News Briefing, KLM, Iberia and Workout Trainer. The developers like Gameloft also launched their Bubble Bash 3 game for Gear S2 with the original gameplay.


The most famous category for Gear apps is Watch Faces, most apps in store are watch faces and many users are tweaking with them. The next popular category is convenience apps from big developers. It is the reason Samsung came back in top 5 smartwatch maker which is good sign for developers. This wearable app market would grow even faster when Samsung launch their Gear S3 smartwatch in next September.