Gear Sport & Gear IconX 2018 Now Available In US Market

Next generation Samsung wearables Samsung Gear Sport & Gear IconX are now available to purchase in US market. This week these two gadgets has released in Canada & Samsung’s home country South Korea. Before it both digital gadgets were introduced in Netherlands. Now talk about US, Amazon & Best Buy both have listed Gear Sport & Gear IconX earphones on thier websites at the price tag of $299.99 for Gear Sport & $199.99 for IconX earphones.

The Gear Sport is latest wearable from Samsung for the current year. It is highly targeted to sport persons, where it offers many sport related features. It is 1.2-inch in size with Super AMOLED display. This is waterproof device and comes with many sensors. It is small in size compare to Gear S3 but heavier in weight.

Gear Sport US

The other gadget Gear IconX is wireless earbuds which has ability to run 5 hours on 82mAh of battery power. It also comes with internal 4GB memory to store favorite audio songs.  It is helpful to track during workouts like in distance & time run.

Samsung also offers free Swarovski band with Gear Sport devices as a promotional offer. The US customers can buy both gadgets from official Samsung website of US & from online retailers Amazon & Best Buy.