Gear Watch Designer Now Supports Gear Sport & Gear Fit2 Pro

New update released for Gear Watch Designer app now supports on Gear Sport & Gear Fit2 Pro devices. The latest update has rolled out on Nov 23 with the new features and improvements. The Samsung Gear Sport & Gear Fit2 Pro are both new smart devices into the market. With the new update both devices are now compatible with Gear Watch Designer tool. Developers can now work on both devices to create new watch faces or work on their current projects. The existing devices Gear S3, Gear S2, Gear S and Gear Fit 2 are supported by the app and now with new 2 devices all Gear family comes under one roof.

The new app version is v1.5.1 beta and there’s more to come. It has many added features for developers to make it simple than before. The main feature in new app update is support for multi-language digital clock option when you are not sync your device. The increased performance, some function improvements and bug fixes are also important part of new version.

Gear Watch Designer Update

Just a reminder, Gear Watch Designer is multi functional tool, developed by Samsung to create watch faces for all Gear family watches and fitness bands. Developers can create new watch faces and submit to the Samsung Gear store. The app has many functions to use in watch faces so you don’t need to know anything about coding. It is so simple that newbie users can create their own watch faces for thier devices or can submit to the store to sell for some amount.

Samsung Gear S3 and Gear Sport both are now running on new Tizen 3.0 software version, the new Gear Watch Designer tool update can now pair with both gadgets. Tizen 3.0 version has some problems with watch faces and I think developers can fix those problems by using new app version. To download new version go to official Samsung developer’s website and install it on your windows or Mac computer.