Get $300 Off On Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9+

We all know the concept of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, like that Samsung originate a brand new last minute holiday sale as a great promotional event on its website . In this running promotional event customer can get huge deals on accessories, smartphones, tablets and other products. All Samsung’s forerunner products from this year are available on this sale with huge deals. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has launched in September and this is the second time it is one the sale. This is not the first time it went on sale. Previously, Samsung has offered free Gear Sport with the Galaxy Note 9 in many countries.

Let’s see how last minute holiday sale is worthy or not. We have 3 flagship model of smartphones in this promotional sale we can deal with, that are Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and Note 9. If you choose an unlocked model to buy then all forerunner models is given with $100 off, So we don’t say it’s a great deal at all.

Galaxy Note 9 Deals

Rather than this, we can say buyers will get free shipping from this kind of deal. These all three models are also available up to $300 off on this sale but customers have to buy it with carrier plan. Samsung Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9+ are both high end smartphones and now getting latest Android Pie version. This is the best value for money for many customers who dream to get one premium smartphone.

You will get $200 off if you choose T-Mobile or U.S.Cellular on the Galaxy Note 9 but for this you have to buy it with a payment plan. As I say this ‘last minute holiday sale’ is a promotional event of Samsung. The deal is available in many countries so go to Samsung website and check latest offers on these smartphones.