Get Bengali Meaning Of English Words In Bangla Dictionary App

The new Bangla Dictionary is for those users which are not familiar with English language. This app on Tizen can help them to find out exact meaning of English words which are difficult to understand. The most Tizen users lives in India and Bangladesh where most Bengali people lives. The Bengali is in 10 largest speaking language in world and it is the state language of West Bengal, India and National language of Bangladesh. You can use Oxford Dictionary of English language on Tizen with the help of ACL for Tizen. You will get all the meanings of English words in English. The other Bangla Dictionary will answer you into Bangla language.

This app can help those users to understand English in the meaningful way. Everyday people reads newspapers and or digital magazines to get breaking news and deep contents from experts, but problem with those newspapers are that they are very hard to understand. Most newspapers uses difficult words in their paper that we can’t understand, so if you are also one of them then Bangla Dictionary can help you.

With the app you can get meaning of every word, just type your word in app and within second it will give Bangla meaning of that word with the whole details. If you are facing problem with same word again and again then you can bookmark that word to learn it later or get it from recent used words section.


In the app not only you get meaning of English words to Bengali but also vice versa. If you want meaning of Bengali words in English then yes, the app can also help you. The app has its own keyboard named as Banglish and you can use it inside the app to search any word. The keyboard is helpful for those users who can’t spell English words.

The Bangla Dictionary app let you get audio listening of words to get exact pronunciation of that word, so there is no chance for false pronunciation when you are discussing with your friends. The Bangla Dictionary app is now available in Tizen Store for free of cost. It works on every Tizen devices, if you have word problem with English language then this app can guide you.