Get Emails on Galaxy Watch 3, Active & Active 2

When I bought the first smartwatch in 2015 then that had few essential functions. It purchased to use selected services like to see the time, calendar, notifications and of course beautiful watch faces. Samsung had also launched its first smartwatch with Wear OS as a basic smartwatch. Now, when we look forward to the smartwatches like Galaxy Watch 3 Galaxy Watch Active 2 & Apple Watch Series 5, we see the most advanced gadgets. Samsung’s all Galaxy Watch series is such a feature-packed wearable. After watching videos, sending messages & calls, using watch faces, now we can send & receive emails on the Galaxy Watch series.

Emails are an important part of any business person or the organization. It would be great if they receive the emails whenever they want so they can reply to it. Samsung smartwatches also allow you to use Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook and other email services and organize them. Recently, Microsft has launched the Outlook app for Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2. The company also has its email app for a while to receive the new mails. To know ho to send & receive emails on Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2, follow these steps.

Use emails on Galaxy Watch

Outlook on Galaxy Watch

1. Download Microsoft Outlook app

At the moment, there are two apps provide email services on the watch. The first Email app has launched by Samsung and the other is Microsoft’s creation. The Email app is by default pre-installed on Galaxy Watch3, Active & Active 2, while you have to download Outlook from Galaxy Store or paired smartphone by using Android Play Store or iOS App Store.

I recommend you to use Microsoft Outlook, because of its rich functions and all the support. With Microsoft Outlook you can receive new emails from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or other providers. Browse inbox from the watch, organize emails, reply on the go, take actions like Flag, Mark, Read, Unread, Archive or Delete and the different filters. It is a companion app so you have to first download & install Outlook on your paired smartphone.

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2. Sign in to the app on a smartphone

It is a companion app and to get it to work you have to sign in to the Outlook app on a smartphone.

3. Add new Email Account

After sign up, you must add your email providers to the account. Add all the providers like your Gmail account or Hotmail account to the app.

4. Let it Sync the emails

After successful installation, the app will synchronize all the emails and deliver on your watch.

5. Open Outlook app on smartwatch

Now open Outlook app on Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch3, Active or Galaxy Watch Active 2 to read new messages.

To get the notification you can allow app alerts. To start the app alerts, go to Galaxy Wearable app and activate the App Notifications. When you receive a new message it will alert you on the watch and then you can take action. These are the simple steps to get all your office or personal email on the wearable.