Get Indian Rail Train App From Tizen Store

This is the holiday season in India and many travelers wants to roam across the country. In India almost all travelers choose trains to go on the trip due to the low prices and better comfort than any other options. It is not easy to get one seat in Indian trains, they are always overloaded 365 days an year. If you are going on the trip then it is better to confirm your seat at least one month before. Because there is no guarantee in India that you will get seats for your whole family. That time you can use the new Indian Rail Train app on your Tizen smartphones to book your seats.

You can use this app anywhere, anytime to confirm your seats with the fair price. In the app you will get all the needy features which you need while traveling by rail. To know which train comes to your city, just type the name of your city or station, that’s it, within a second you will get all the information of that train.

When you type city name then it will give you timetable of all the passenger trains as well as express trains. If you know the number of train on your root then you can type it to search more about it. Why only it within app you can know the all information of any trains in India, either it comes to city or not. It alert you when the train is on its way by showing its running status. Another important thing about journey is we have to book one comfortable seats, so our journey would be fine.

Indian Rail Train App

You can seat or berth maps to find convenient seats for your family. It allows to use to save train routes for offline use, so you could use it when there is no internet connection. In the Indian Rail Train app there is one section where you can get all the information about Indian rails and its history. If you are knowledge hungry person then it will feed you more information.

When you book your seats then the app will provide you OLA or Uber service to reach to railway station. Of course charges for Uber and OLA will be different. The Indian Rail Train app is now available to download for Samsung Z2, Z3 and Samsung Z1 devices. This app is very easy to use and operate. It also provides information regarding local trains and metro rails in your city. Download it and use it to plan your future trip across the country.