Get Latest News On Tizen With NDTV News App

If you always want to stay update with latest news from across the world then one good news for you. The popular NDTV News channel is launched their official NDTV News app in Tizen Store. NDTV is one of top news channel in India and it has won many journalist awards for their contribution in India. The app is absolutely free and it will give you all the latest news from all categories. The other app NewsHunt is also present in store, but NewsHunt will provide you news from local newspapers. Instead NDTV News app will provide you all the latest news from India as well as world.

You can select your won category to read or watch your favorite news section, like if you are a fan of cricket then you can select sport category to read latest scores and updates from cricket. Know the current affairs and other trending news from politics and bollywood. Also they provides you videos for many news, you can watch them anytime, anywhere with internet connection. Not only it gives you past news but also you can get live cricket scores direct from the ground and live updates of stock market so you could track your stocks.


With the NDTV News app read and watch world class columns on current affairs. It is now available in Tizen Store for free. App works on both Tizen devices and every user from world can download it. But the problem is it covers mostly Indian news, if you still want to get it then try it. Indian users can download it because it covers almost all categories for them from cricket to bollywood and politics to TV serial news.