How to Activate & Get Weather Report on Realme Band

The newly launched Realme Band is known as an affordable fitness tracker in the market. It gives you every fitness feature with different sports modes. The company launched it last month for the first time users who are looking for essential health tracking functions. The nine different sports styles for fitness tracking and the Cricket mode are all available at your service. It is not all, Realme Band has more than essential functions that you may need every day. In the first major update, the company has unlocked a few more features on the tracker.

The new version has finally introduced Weather data function on the Band. Apart from that, the company has launched Find your Phone & Restart functions for the tracker. We may later talk about the Find your Phone & Restart feature, so now we will discuss how to get weather reports on your Realme Band. The experience will not be the same as you see on Smart TV or smartphones. Though, you can get a current weather report of your city to schedule your day accordingly. Here is the guide to activate & get weather reports on Realme Band.

Get Weather report on Realme Band

Realme Band Tips

1. Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone

2. Open Realme Link app from Play Store or App Store

3. Click on the Settings icon

4. Scroll down & open Weather Setting

5. Enable the Weather toggle

6. It asks you to activate GPS. Enable it

7. Once done, it shows your current location

8. Click on location. It will say Located

Now come to Realme Band. Here on the main screen, tap exactly seven times to see the weather report of the current day. The weather data will be available in temperature in Celcius. To get the data of the next two days, again tap two times on the weather data screen. That’s it. After that, you will regularly receive the current location on your fitness tracker. It is not the smartwatch but fitness tracker, but its offering what it can in this price range.