Google Changed Guidelines to Improve Wear OS App Quality

The Wear OS 3 is now spreading in the world market with Galaxy Watch 4 series. The new version shows the changed mindset of Google towards its Wear OS. The company has made lots of changes to enhance the quality of the operating system to raise a bar. To make it one step ahead, Google has changed guidelines for the Wear OS apps. The updated guidelines for the developers will improve the quality of the apps. It is the effort to make Wear OS more user-friendly and a better competitor for WatchOS.

Some of the apps in the Play Store are already following these new rules to obtain in their apps. The YouTube Music app is a fine example and shows how everything is working perfectly on the little screen. In the new rules, Google set new rules to upload screenshots in the Play Store. The app developers must upload neat images that show only the app interface. In “Best: A differentiated experience,” the developers should create an independent app that doesn’t require a phone companion.

Wear OS App Quality Guidelines

In the new rule of “Basic compatibility,” the company has support for notifications that come with MessagingStyle notifications, and direct replies. Further, “Better: Full support for Wear OS” is to make sure apps are properly formatted to square and round display types, while making sure text is large and glanceable. The new guidelines will come into effect from October 13. After that, all apps must meet these updated guidelines in the Wear OS Play Store.

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