Google Fit Gets Renewed Design & Improves Workouts

Google Fit app gets renewed and your Watch OS also gets updated. Google Fit App users have all waited for this update and it’s high time that an update should take place. Since the update, the users can see data directly on their home screen which will show you all the data of the connected devices and apps in one place at a glance. It will also be providing a comparative summary of your workouts with your desired goal.

You can now see your recent workout activity with weight and blood pressure all in one place on the main screen. It will also track your daily sleep logs with which you can track and monitor your bed timing. It will also work well with smart wearables like Fossil Gen 5E, Oura Ring, or Withings sleep tracking mat, where you can not only track but also see your night activity as well as your sleep stages.

Google Fit App

The app will let you track your walking miles and mark it on the map with your pace as well. You can also share images, routes, statistics through the app journal to social media directly. This update has brought changes in Wear OS smartwatches, where shortcuts are added to track your recent workout and even receive pace alerts.

According to Google, the weather app has upgraded showing a better and larger view with relevant forecasting and even precipitation and weather alerts. The addition of the new Breathe tile will help you to release stress through guided breathing. This update is surely a treat to workout lovers. The update will soon roll out by the coming week and also push their updates to other devices as well.