Google Maps Back on Apple Watch

The Google Maps app was the most perfect navigation or map app on the Apple ecosystem of watches. Since the beginning, the app had played a crucial role to guide the users in showing the paths. The shock came into 2017 when Google suddenly decided to remove the app from Apple Watch Store. The company hadn’t revealed anything about its sudden decision but promised to bring back later in the future. Now, as Google promised Google Maps app is returning to the Apple Watches. The company has officially posted it on its official Google Blog.

The app will work on Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4, Series 5 & the upcoming Series 6 smartwatches. Till now, or after the absence of Google Maps, Apple Maps was the only option for users. The company’s app is not bad. It has its own advantages like it vibrates and alerts on every turns and shows many such functions. Though Apple Maps is available, the Google Maps app has hailed by millions of users for its rich data and the details about all the major cities. After the launch, users can get full access to the maps.

Google Maps on Apple Watch

Here is what Google said about the launch in its blog. ” Quickly get estimated arrival times and step-by-step directions to destinations you’ve saved, like Home or Work, and other shortcuts you’ve designated in the app. For all other destinations, you can start navigating from your phone and pick up where you left off on your watch.” The Apple Watch users can download the app from the Apple Watch store. I will review the map app when it available in the store and compare it with other GPS & navigation apps.