Google may Near to launch New Fitness Band

When Google’s deal with Fitbit has just approved by the Justice Department, there is other news leaked from Google’s new patent. The new patent filed by Google reveals the company is working on its upcoming fitness band. The patent for the Google fitness tracker that surfaced online this week shows strategies of Google in the wearable market. A few years back, the same patent had hinted about the Google Watch and many of its rumored specifications, including an in-built camera. That still in the mystery box, but now Google has filed another wearable.

The leaked images indicated the classic design, which we have seen on Amazon Halo and the older bands. It could be the low price device that Google wants on everyone’s hand. It could be the marketing game and later we could see forward-looking activity trackers like Fitbit Charge 4, Galaxy Fit 2 & Mi Band 5. The leaked images don’t tell more about Google’s next tracker except for the strap. We might have to wait until next year to see more images and hear more from the company.

Google Fitness Band Patent

It doesn’t mean, Google could launch it soon. It has the same happened with Google Pixel Watch that never landed in the market. In the hardware department, the company has only a range of Google Pixel lineups. Now, Google & Fitbit’s $2.1bn deal is near to complete, it is interesting to see when the company makes its move. We have our eyes on this new patent and tell you more when we heard about it.