Google Search App Available On Samsung Z2

The Google Search app is available in Tizen Store for Samsung Z2 smartphone. You don’t have to download this app because it comes pre-installed on Samsung Z2. As we know Google is the biggest search engine in world and most internet users uses it to search different information online. In the Tizen we already have video streaming app YouTube which runs using ACL for Tizen. Now this is the second app from Google developers on Tizen, if I am not wrong.

In today’s most browsers Google search engine comes by default, also on Tizen all four internet browsers have Google search engine including Tizen browser. So it is unclear that why it comes separately. May be their plan is to expand it later in their next update, because in current version there is nothing to show but just search option without any other functions.

Google Search App Tizen

The Android version of the app has more options to use. Android version has built in Google Now service, options to login with their Gmail account and news section to show news from our browsing history. The story is different on Tizen, you can only use it to search your favorite queries.

It won’t show you results in a same page, instead you have to choose browser to open search result. If you have only Tizen Browser then it will open in it, and if you downloaded more than one browsers then you have to select them manually. To avoid this process you can choose Always options when it ask to choose your main browser. We hope in the next update it will show more options in the app.

On the Tizen we are still missing some Google apps like Gmail, Chrome Browser, Google Drive, Google Newsstand, Google Plus and many more. If you also want to use Google Search on your smartphone then open Google Search app on Samsung Z2.