Google’s Wearable OS Renamed as Wear OS by Google Smartwatch

In the past Google has changed the name of its wearable OS from the Android Wear to Wear OS by Google. Now, again Wear OS by Google is renamed as Wear OS by Google Smartwatch. It indicates that probably Google is planning to launch its own smartwatch series. The official app and the website have also now changed to the new name. Last year, Google also purchased Fitbit and it is highly likely that the company’s next watch will be launched through Google platform. There are several brands like Mobvoi, Misfit, LG, and Fossil which use Wear OS platform. But, the change in designation is a significant step which indicates that Google is stepping ahead to announce its own smartwatch lineup.

Google is working to make Wear OS smartwatch smarter, more fitness-oriented and compatible with iPhone. Upcoming Google Wear OS smartwatch device will come with innovative and user-friendly features. Google Assistant helps users to make the watch a more proactive device and carry out several tasks conveniently. Also, it is expected that the features like Google Maps and smart run track integrated with smart Google Assistant help to do activities proactively.

Wear OS by Google Smartwatch

Google aims at proactive health and fitness assistant Google Coach to analyze fitness data and provide accurate statistics and recommendations. The company is collaborating with various partners like Nest and Verily to improve the Assistant and for better health services. According to the patent, the next smartwatch may include a camera behind the watch face to enable capture photos through the watch. Probably, Google will introduce the next smartwatch with this feature to make it a more impressive device.

right now, it is just a name that has changed. We have to wait for more proof that the company is preparing a big event for its next smartwatch. Google has already packed Pixel lineup so the upcoming watch would be from Fitbit. Our eyes are on the news and we will inform you when we hear more about Google’s next move.