Best GPS & Navigation apps for Wear OS

In the last articles, I have covered the best apps to use in outdoor activities for Tizen OS. We have done the same with Tizen OS watches & Apple Watches. It’s time for Wear OS watches to get their best GPS & navigation apps. These apps are essential on any smartwatches. Most of the users go for trending apps like YouTube Music, Spotify, Strava, etc, but these also carry the same weightage on the devices. Play Store for Wear OS has a massive library to explore such vital apps for the smartwatch.

With the GPS or navigation apps, users can track their routes in outdoor activities. It also shows turn-by-turn navigation, routes back to the unknown places, and helps you to plan your adventure. The GPS function is available in all the premium watches like Fossil Gen 5, Gen 6, TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra, etc. With the default GPS services, it becomes easy to track walking steps, running, cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, and many more. For all the Wear OS watches, let’s cover the best GPS & navigation apps.

1. Google Maps

GPS Apps on Wear OSI have to list this Google app on the first rank. It is available on all the Wear OS watches. It also supports on new Wear OS 3-based Galaxy Watch 4 & Fossil Gen 6. Google has tried to pack all the features on the phone companion app in Google Maps. It is a widely known app with accurate location and navigation services. Find any places, roads, turn-by-turn navigation, and live location, all are here. There is no match for its accuracy when it comes to GPS services. It is a pre-installed app, or you can download it from Play Store.

Get: Google Maps

2. Ride with GPS

GPS Apps on Wear OSIt is a route planner and adventure app to give you relief in new areas. You can plan the routes in route areas with the back trails, so you don’t get lost. You can start hiking. Mountain climbing, running and cycling through the app. You can also share your entire plan with friends or family. It gives turn-by-turn navigation, real-time location, route plans, and sharing services. It is an emerging app and maintained good reviews in the store.

Get: Ride with GPS

3. Outdooractive

GPS Apps on Wear OSThe new entry of the app for Wear OS watches in this category is Outdooractive. It is a biking & hiking app with lots of information to share. If you are planning outdoor activities, then you should use them. It has stored a global trail database, specifically the routes in the USA. It suggests you best routes, let you record the routes, tells you protected areas, and shows you maps. You can use turn-by-turn navigation and live location in the new places. Also, it provides plenty of sights, accommodations, events, and more.

Get: Outdooractive

4. Navigation Pro

GPS Apps on Wear OSThe Navigation Pro has similarities with Google Maps when it comes to navigation features. With the simple UI, it lets you see turn-by-turn navigation and live location on the smartwatch screen. Get the direction in the new places and also know about the famous places. With GPS tracking, it becomes easy to track your location and best routes. Get the instruction about roads, traffic, voice support, various language support & more. It supports a few watches and Galaxy Watch 4 is one of them. It is paid app in the Play Store.

Get: Navigation Pro

5. Komoot

GPS Apps on Wear OSWe can’t keep away this amazing app from the list. It is one of the best navigation apps for adventurers. The app was first launched on Tizen OS watches, but later with Galaxy Watch 4, it came to the Wear OS platform. There is a huge community of users who relies on Komoot in their hiking, mountain climbing, or remote adventure. It keeps you on track and saves your route back trails. The online community will help you to explore unknown areas. Further, with the live location and navigation system, you can make it easy in new places.

Get: Komoot

We haven’t listed some apps in the article, due to their limitations. Some apps are new to the Wear OS, and we have our eyes on them. All the apps support Wear OS 2 & Wear OS 3 versions. Let us know in the comment box below if you have any concerns.