Enable GPS & Location on Galaxy Watch 3, Active & Active 2

For wearable devices, GPS & location services are a must or in the essential features. With the help of these features, a user can find out the exact location, navigation, and other places nearby. Luckily, all the Galaxy watches since Gear S2 come with GPS, Wi-Fi & location features. The latest Galaxy Watch Active, Active 2 & Galaxy Watch 3 are the most advanced wearables in this area.

In unknown places, you can expect accurate positioning and navigation services from your Galaxy Watch.

Functions like GPS are helpful in many features, and some apps require GPS permission to show you the results. In the Galaxy Store, apps like Here WeGo, and other GPS & navigation apps require 24 hour GPS positioning to give you better outputs. These advanced features eat lots of battery on your smartwatch, and it is the reason, Samsung sometimes put it off.

Though it is turned off, you can manually activate GPS on Galaxy watches. In this guide, you will know how to enable GPS & location on Galaxy Watch 3, Active & Active 2.

GPS on Galaxy Watch 3

Enable GPS & Location on Galaxy Watch 3

1. Open Samsung Galaxy Watch

2. Go to Settings

3. Head to Connections

4. Scroll down and tap on Location

5. Activate the Location button, or simply turn it on

6. Again scroll down in the method option

7. Three options are here – GPS and wireless, Wireless Networks & GPS

8. Choose GPS or GPS and wireless option

In the next moment, you will see the GPS working. You can also use the shortcut settings to enable location & GPS services. Another way to activate GPS & navigation is when you install the related apps. That time, it will ask you for permission to give access, just allow those apps if you trust them.