Hand Wash App Reminds Galaxy Watch Users to Wash Hands Regularly

In the Coronavirus pandemic, it is necessary to wash your hands regularly. It says germs enter into your body by hands when we touch them to our eyes, nose, and mouth. It is the reason WHO recommends everyone to wash their hands and make proper hygiene. Technology is playing a huge part in this situation. In March, Apple launched the hand-washing app to motivate Apple Watch users to wash their hands. Later, Wear OS & Garmin launched the same apps to remind users about the necessary hygiene.

Finally, Samsung has made a move and, today, launched a new Hand Wash app for Galaxy Watch users. It is a similar app to the Apple Watch app in many areas. The Hand Wash app will remind you every two hours to wash the hands. As per your schedule, you can edit the timing. Once you are at the sink the timer will start, five seconds for applying soap and 20 seconds for scrubbing. The Galaxy Watch keeps the data and your records. You can see the history of the week or months of your hand-washing.

Hand Wash App

The Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active & Watch Active 2 are water-proof smartwatches. You don’t have to remove your watch while at the sink. In March, Samsung introduced the Hand Wash app in Galaxy Store for limited users. Now, the app is available in all the major countries for all the smartwatches. To download the app go to Galaxy Store on your paired smartphone or open Galaxy Store on your smartwatch.