Harmony OS Opened for Some App Developers

The company Huawei had been facing a hiccup in its road to success as it got banned from using Google Mobile Services (GMS). Huawei chooses to overcome this hurdle and came up with its own operating system and named it Harmony OS. Finally, some good news about it as its system was available to only certain devices, but it will now have a beta version for smartphones released. The company will be holding a Beta event in December for its Beta version of Harmony OS 2.0 and has invited all mobile phone application developers through the digital platform.

President of Huawei’s consumer business software department, Wang Chengdu announced that the release of the beta version of Harmony OS 2.0 in Beijing on December 16 and has invited mobile developers to join. The activity schedule for the event will begin with the release of the operating system. It will be followed by the detailed presentation of the important key features and development tools by the Huawei experts.

Harmony OS Event

Few important points that will be highlighted in the event will be the philosophy behind the design of the operating system, an in-depth explanation of the application framework giving a terminal experience with the partners. It will also speak about the development platform DevEco Studio 2.0 with topics including mobile emulator, and followed by a face to face interaction with the company’s technical experts for further explanation.

The event is expected to begin by 10:00 am will wind up by 5:00 pm. Smart devices that are using the HarmonyOS system are Honor Vision, Honor Vision Pro, Huawei Vision (65/75), Huawei Router AX3. All the tech enthusiasts and application developers watch out for the upcoming event.