How To Check Saved Passwords On Chrome

Google Chrome is the faster and well preferred browser by the users across the globe. While using Chrome everytime you are asked to whether to save password for later uses. Though it makes easier for you to enter the site next time but it might not be the safe to save password with the Chrome’s password manager. You are also provided with the Auto Sign-in feature for supported Android apps. As Chrome offers you security and ask you to enter your Android lock or Screen Pin or pattern to in order to give access to the saved passwords. The Chrome saves password on your Android device as well as on your Google account.

If your device is unlocked then someone can have easy access with your passwords. This will make your privacy and security vulnerable. Here we will discuss how to check your saved passwords on Google Chrome and ensure your privacy with effectively customizing the browser according to your preferences.

Chrome Passwords

Follow These Simple Steps:

1. First, go to the Chrome browser on your phone and tap on three vertical dots icon. Now tap the setting button and select the passwords option.

2. In the passwords section you will see all the saved passwords in the list form. To have access to the saved passwords you can select the option from the list or use the search bar on the top to go to the selected site.

3. Now you have to tap on the username and you will see dots instead passwords. You must enter the security, if you have set any in order to access passwords.

4. You will also be provided with the export passwords option. That makes you convenient to switch across the browsers.

5. As we have already mentioned your passwords are also saved on Google account. Which can be accessed through the Google ID, which is used to enter the browser.

6. After login you will have access to all the saved passwords for the desired username. Tap on the eye to get the password for selected site.

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This is the way to get access to your saved passwords on phone as well as Google account. You can turn off this feature by selecting the save passwords option and tap the toggle to off.