How to Delete Amazon Echo Recordings

Amazon Alexa is a voice assistant that enables you to perform various activities just with your voice. You can turn on and off your lights, order taxis, shopping list, news and weather information and various other with this device. The device is aimed at making your life easier and increases your productivity to manage several things skillfully with just your command. Alexa lets you have sufficient control over the thoughts and manage them smartly with convenience.

The recently emerged issue indicates that Amazon employees can have access to the recordings of Amazon Echo or Echo Dot device users convention with Alexa. The company keeps these recordings, and in some cases, it also shared with the third parties.

However, the company informs that echo device owners can review their recordings. And delete voice recordings from their account through the Voice History feature and the Alexa Privacy Hub. It will be useful to ensure the secrecy of your records and avoid its misuse.

The statement from the Amazon claims that whenever a customer deletes voice recordings, the company also deletes the transcripts associated with the customer account of the request as well as the response from the Alexa.

Company delete the transcripts from all of Alexa’s primary storage system and making efforts to ensure that transcripts will also be erased from Alexa’s other storage system.

Amazon Echo Dot

Nevertheless, Amazon doesn’t guarantee that these recordings, as well as the associated transcripts, will be cleared completely. So, to ensure the privacy of your recordings, you have to make some efforts on your parts which can be done in the following way.

1. Ask Alexa to Delete Recordings

A most convenient and effective way to delete all the voice recordings is to ask Alexa through the Amazon Echo speaker. You have to say that “Alexa, delete everything I have said today.” Amazon claims that this will delete all the recordings and transcripts of everything you said to Alexa on that day and its response to your commands.

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2. Delete Specific Recordings

Instead of deleting all the recordings, you can also delete the specific recordings through the Amazon Alexa app. In the app, you have to tap the Settings and select Alexa Privacy, after that you can tap Review Voice History to see a list of all the requests you have made through Echo Speaker.

Here you can select all the specific recordings which you want to delete and tap Delete All Recordings option to clear the recordings and transcripts for the day.

3. Delete the whole Recording History

In case you want to delete the whole history of commands since the first set up, you can do this through Amazon account. Login to your account and select ‘Your Devices and Content’ and after that select, you Echo Speaker from the list.

After that select Delete Voice Recordings option which is followed by a warning message and you have to proceed to the Delete option.

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These are the options to clear your recordings and transcripts, but none of these options guarantee the complete removal of data from Amazon’s server and third parties may have access to these recordings, and they can keep them.