How To Download And Install Whatsapp On Samsung Z4 & Z2

WhatsApp Messenger without any question is number one app in Tizen Store – by download numbers and user base. Most Tizen users uses WhatsApp app to chat with their friends & family. Since the launch date it has been enjoying its top rank in store, except once IMO – free video calling app had beat it for short period of time. After the release of Samsung Z4 & Samsung Z2 there are numbers of users increased in a last couple of months. Samsung Z4 is just 4 months old device doing good business.

Now many users asking me how to download or install Whatsapp Messenger app on Samsung Z4, Samsung Z2 & Samsung Z3 smartphones. For those all users I found out some easy steps to get WhatsApp on smartphones. Just follow these simple steps to download and install WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp App

Here are the simple steps to download and install Whatsapp app on Samsung Z4, Z2 & Z3 smartphones.

Note: WhatsApp come pre-installed on Samsung Z4 & Z2 in Essential app folder. You will see Essential app folder on your home screen. Open it, and here you will get it.

If by accident you have deleted WhatsApp from your smartphone then you can follow these steps.

1. Open Tizen Store app

You will see Tizen Store app on your home screen, in the app screen. To see app screen drag your home screen upward & here you will see Tizen Store app.

2. Now search for WhatsApp Messenger

To open WhatsApp, tap on Search box in Tizen Store and search for WhatsApp. The other way is open Popular App section. Here you will see WhatsApp Messenger.

3. Now click on Download or Get button

When you see WhatsApp app click on Download or Get button to install it. To download apps you need to first login to Samsung account. If you don’t have Samsung account then you first sign up with them. You can read my other article how to download apps from Tizen Store to get more idea.

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That’s it, now you can install Whatsapp on Samsung Z4, Samsung Z2 & Samsung Z3 smartphones. If you don’t know how to use WhatsApp then you can read my other articles. WhatsApp is must have app on every phone & glad Tizen has its own. Now go to Tizen Store and download and install it. Find any difficulties then feel free to ask any questions.


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