How To Download Apps on Apple Watch Series 4

Apple introduced its latest Apple Watch Series 4 that is fundamentally redesigned and re-engineered to improve the connectivity. It is built with Watch OS 5, the updated software version which improves many functionalities of the watch and enhances health tracking features along with enhanced activity and connectivity. Advanced features and the latest design make it the more preferable smartwatch for the customers. Apple released this watch with the biggest ever display in its smartwatch series and the redesigned digital crown has now compatible to perform more activities than previous versions.

The improved cellular and GPS connectivity makes it the best way to stay connected and updated. It’s massive 16GB internal storage allows you to install several apps which obviously enhances the usability of the watch. The newly launched ECG feature is game changing for the watch & now it is widely available in European countries & Hong Kong. There are some cases that claims Apple Watch has saved people’s life in many ways so you can say Apple has built perfect watch for its users. Here we are giving you the detailed information about how to download & install compatible apps on your smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 4

Download apps on Apple Watch Series 4:

1. First you have to connect your Apple Watch Series 4 with the iPhone.

2. Now open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

3. Now select App Store tab from the app.

4. Choose which app you want to download. You can get free apps or pay for paid apps.

5. You can install any apps available on your iPhone that are compatible with Apple Watch. For this purpose, first of all you have to download the app on your iPhone and later you can install it in your watch.

6. Select and open the desired app on your iPhone.

7. By this simple way you can find out all the apps that are compatible with your Apple Watch Series 4 and install them.

To get the desired and compatible app in your watch install it or purchase and turn on Automatic App Install. If apps dose not install automatically then you can add manually from the Apple Watch app.

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For your information, Apple Watch Series 4 is full with the latest and advanced features that increases its usability and reliability. The watch is available in two different size options of 40mm and 44mm and ensures the bigger display compared to predecessor versions. The new Apple Watch can be purchased in all major countries with all the original features, except ECG.

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Pro-active health monitoring system and automatic workout detection features enable you to stay updated about your health and it is built with the updated health tracking system. Especially the new ECG function of the watch monitors your heart rate with the advanced technology and alert you about potential health issues. The latest smart wearable has more to do with your health as it is compatible to detect all the motions inside and save you from any emergency situations thanks to the Gyroscope sensor and AI technology.