How To Download Apps On Wear OS Smartwatch

Android Wear OS smartwatches accommodates many laudable features as well as helps you to stay connected with the world and get updates. Users of these devices are familiar with the function of notifications directly on wrist. But the upgraded Android Wear 2.3 is more comprehensive than the previous version and allows you to install apps right on your smartwatch, provided you must have paired the smartwatch with your phone. This feature makes it convenient for you to use watch without practically turning to smartphone and these apps helps you to perform various extra functions through your wrist.

The market provides you Huawei Watch 2 & Watch 2 Pro, Garmin Vivosmart, Fossil, Xiaomi Amazefit Bip, Fitbit Charge 3 & Google’s own upcoming Pixel smartwatch with excellent quality & future-proof technology.

Compared to the earlier version the important changes in the watches running on Android Wear 2.3 is that the apps on your phone didn’t automatically install extension to your watch. This shift makes it clear that in the latest version apps should co-exist on both the devices, smartwatch as well as mobile. Though it seems quite bewildering, you don’t need to worry much, here we are guiding you for how to install or download apps on Android Wear OS smartwatches

Download Wear OS Apps

1. Pair Watch with Smartphone

First of all, ensure that your smartwatch is paired with the phone. After that you have two ways to install apps on your watch first is from the web and the other one is directly through smartwatch. Connect your watch with wi-fi through settings and then download it on your phone first & sync it on the watch.

2. Through Android Play Store

There is the dedicated Android Wear section in the Google Play Store which makes it convenient for you to browse the appropriate apps for your watch. Here you can browse any app and select to install it. If your watch is running on the Android Wear 2.0 then you will notice that these apps will be directly installed in your watch instead you have to send it to phone.

3. Install Apps from Watch

If you are using the Android Wear 2.0 or above version on smartwatch then this is the direct method to browse and install apps from the Play Store of the watch. You can browse apps through categories or recommendations and installed the desired app through selecting and tapping the install button.

4. Now Manage Apps

You can easily control and manage app notifications displayed on your smartwatch. For that you have to select setting icon in the top right corner and then choose the block app notifications option to get rid of the unwanted app notifications on display.

These are the methods to install apps on your Android Wear smartwatches. If your watch is running on Android Wear 2.3 or above then you have more things to do than simply receive notifications and alerts on your wrist. These apps installed separately on the smartwatch perform as well as features some extra functions. Follow these simple steps to get apps on the smartwatch.