How To Download & Install Fortnite Game On Android

The Fortnite Battle Royale a multiplayer game where up to 100 players fight in increasingly smaller spaces to find last person surviving is now landing on Android smartphones. This video game was exclusive for Apple iPhones for some months, before it was launched for all Android devices. Fortnite is also the main rival game to another popular game, PUBG Mobile. After the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 it exclusively introduced on selected Samsung devices. Now non Samsung users are selected via beta invite codes for this game. All the players who are excited to have this game in their mobiles should have to wait for some time, because there is huge waiting list. There are also some changes in the launching policy of game, Epic announced that they are distributing Android version of Fortnite game with some modifications.

To avoid the Google’s 30 percent commission for in-app purchase Epic announced the launching of this game through their own website and Fortnite installer programme. Now the game is not available in Play Store so very difficult for some gamers to install it on their Android smartphones. Minding these changes here we are giving you a step by step information about how to install Fortnite game on your Android devices and how to start playing.

Apple’s iOS App Store don’t have any other ways to install third party apps so Apple users have only one way to get the Fortnite, that is iOS App Store. On the other hand, Android allows third party apps to install on the device via Unknown Sources. Though Android doesn’t take any responsibility of your smartphone so you have to download any third party app at your own risk.

Fortnite on Android

1. Compatibility of your device

This game is available on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which is still not launched. Other Samsung devices eligible for this game listed as Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge, S8 & S8 Plus, S9 & S9 Plus, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S3 and S4 Tabs, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, Redmi Note 6 Pro, Moto G6, OnePlus 6T, Google Pixel XL, Mi Mix 2 etc. To download this game from Samsung Game Launcher you must have compatible Samsung smartphone. All the non-Samsung users can download the Fortnite from Epic’s website, where the full list of compatible devices is given which includes OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Asus, Pixel and other smartphones.

2. Registration

All the non-Samsung users can download the Fortnite game on their Android devices through Epic’s beta invite sign-up. This can be done on mobiles or on website just by entering your email address, you will get email invite link for this game.

3. Invitation process

According to the company process it may take few days, Epic is inviting players in multiples. You will be notified via email once you are invited for the game.

In the new update, gamers don’t have to wait for invitation process. You can directly download the game from Epic’s official website.

4. Download and install the game

To install the Fortnite game you should download the two apps – the first one is Fortnite installer which is APK file, and then install the actual game. This process is same for all Android devices including Samsung.

5. Turn Off Unknown Sources

After getting APK file you have to turn off Unknown Sources on your smartphone to install third party apps, like Fortnite. There is need to turnoff special permissions in your Android setting that allow you to download third party applications. That’s it, after completion of all this process login into your account and start playing Fortnite game.

Epic has announced that they are distributing Fortnite on Android through their website only so that any link claiming to provide official game other than Epic’s website may harm your devices through virus. While searching this game on Play Store you will get a special warning from Google. If you have any problems regarding the installation of this game then let us know in the comment box below.