How To Download or Install WhatsApp On Samsung Z3 & Z1

Last week I covered article about how to download or install Whatsapp Messenger on new Samsung Z4 & Samsung Z2 smartphones. Now the Samsung Z3 & Samsung Z1 users are asking me same question which they have with their phones. Well, for the new customers it is always very hard to understood new technology. Most of the customers were came from feature phones or from Android platform so this is new environment for them. These days, WhatsApp is essential tool for all users, it is very important to them to have it on their smartphones.

Like as Samsung Z2 & Z4 devices WhatsApp was rolled out on older Tizen phones but if by accident you have deleted it then you can download it again. How will you download it and install it? Well, don’t worry, I will tell you how to get it. You just follow some simple steps to install it.

Install WhatsApp Messenger

These are the some simple steps to install or download WhatsApp Messenger on Samsung Z3 & Samsung Z1 smartphones.

1. Open Tizen Store app

Tizen Store is the app store of your smartphone. You will get each & every apps from it. It is available in your pre-installed apps tab. Open Tizen Store to get WhatsApp.

2. Search for WhatsApp

After opening Tizen Store, tap on search box and type WhatsApp. Now hit the search button. Here you will see WhatsApp App. The other way to get is by opening popular app section. It is the first app in popular App section.

3. Now click on WhatsApp Messenger

Here you will see ‘Get’ button or ‘Download’ button. Now click on it and accept the conditions. After that your app will start to download. That’s it, your WhatsApp will be automatically installed on your Samsung Z3 or Samsung Z1 smartphone.

Note: if you are the first time user and never downloaded anything from Tizen Store then it is mandatory to you to sign up to Samsung account. First sign up or login and then you can download any apps from store.

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Don’t know how to login or sign up to Samsung account then you must read our article how to download free apps from Tizen Store. It will guide you to get apps from store. Find any trouble? Contact me in the comments box below or email us on our official email address. Don’t forget to share this valuable information with your other friends so they could get help from it.