How to Download or Remove Android Q Beta Version

Android Q beta version comes with plenty of advanced features and optimized security environment for the better performance of your device. It includes improved permission management system that enhances users control over app permissions for photos, contacts and other important content of the device. Though Android Q will be rolled out later this year, interested users can switch to the official Android Q beta version right now. However, this beta version can be installed only on compatible Android devices only which includes all the Google Pixel devices and other renowned manufacturers such as OnePlus, Huawei and Nokia etc, and may later it comes to Samsung smartphones.

Android Q accommodates many unprecedented features such as enhanced privacy and accessibility, overhauled digital wellbeing and improved notifications system. All these features will be available for the users when this version is rolled out, but those who are willing to take risk may install Android Q beta version on their supported devices. As the beta version is available for the testing purpose for the developers, it may carry bugs and crashes which is risky for your device. Here we will discuss about how to install and remove Android Q beta on the device.

Install Android Q Beta

How to Install Android Q Beta

1. To enroll with the Beta version, first of all go to the site on your Android phone. Once you are on this page you will get related information about Android Q beta release and compatibility of your device for this version. You can scroll down to see all the compatible devices for the enrollment of beta program.

2. After checking of eligible devices through your Google account, if you have the one you will get “opt in” option below side. If you want to join Googles Beta program, you can tap on the agree button and accept terms and conditions. Before joining the Beta program you will encounter with a disclaimer which clearly warns that you cannot revert to public version of Android, unless you clear the data from your device.

3. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you can join the Beta program and you will receive a confirmation. After successful enrollment you can check your smartphone for software updates. For that purpose go to the we will take example of Google Pixel phone. Here head to the Settings, tap Systems then select Advanced and tap for Software Updates.

How To Remove Android Q Beta

These are the steps to enroll for the Beta program and now we will discuss how to opt out from the program. Android Q Beta installed in your device eventually help you to get stable update without erasing data from your device. But if you want to revert to a stable Android Pie 9.0 version, you can use the same link mentioned above to opt out from the beta program. However, in this case you will lose all your data from your Android device.

That’s it now you can install latest Android Q before everyone else and also you can remove it if you want. Share your first experience of Android Q when you use it.