How To Download WhatsApp From Tizen Store

WhatsApp is must have app on any mobile device, may it Apple, Android, Windows or our own Tizen OS. Everybody wants it on thier smartphone. The best part is Tizen has its own WhatsApp Messenger app – created by official Facebook developers. It has been in the store since 2015, still enjoying hot spot into app ranking. All Tizen users want to download this social sharing app on their smartphones, the problem is not all customers know how to do it. Many Tizen customers comes from feature phones, as Tizen is their first smartphone, basically don’t know how to download or install new apps.

On the Tizen, WhatsApp version is different than other platforms. Some features are missing on it compared to Android & Apple versions of the app. For example, My Status & Emojis are unavailable on the Tizen Phones. The other important feature is video calling, right now you can’t make any video call to other network. These features may come in next versions but needs little more time.

For the first time user it may be a problem. I also had such problem back in days when I had bought my first Android smartphone so this is not a big issue. So today I will tell you simple steps to download WhatsApp Messenger from Tizen Store in a easy ways.

WhatsApp for Tizen

Now follow these simple steps to download new WhatsApp Messenger app on your Tizen smartphone.

1. Open Tizen Store app on your Tizen smartphone.

This is available on your home screen. Don’t see it? On the home screen drag your finger from down side to upper. The new tab will appear. Here on the first tab you will see Tizen Store app.

2. In the Tizen Store, now search WhatsApp from search option.

You will see search option in the right upper corner. Open it and type WhatsApp or WhatsApp Messenger and tap on it.

3. The other option to find WhatsApp app in store is go to Popular app section. Here you will see all the popular apps on Tizen. Now tap on WhatsApp.

4. Now here you will see download option, hit it and it will be successfully installed on your smartphone.

5. Note that it will start downloading if you are logged in to Tizen Store with your Samsung ID. If not, then first you have to sign up to Tizen Store with Samsung account using your email ID or working phone number.

As I said, If you don’t know how to sign up to Tizen Store then read my other article, How to download free apps from Tizen Store. In the article you will get all the instructions to get all the free apps.

5. Now tap on open button when it successfully installed on your device and login to WhatsApp with your phone number.

These instructions are for those users who don’t have WhatsApp on their phone. Samsung Z2 and newest Samsung Z4 comes with pre-installed WhatsApp so they don’t have to get it. Just go to Essential App folder on your home screen and use it. If you accidentally deleted pre-installed version then you can also follow these steps to get new one.

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