How to Enable Always on Display on Amazfit GTR & GTS

The smartwatches we use for daily fitness activities are sometimes our best companions. We do all the possible outdoor & indoor activities using fitness trackers or smartwatches. The Huami’s latest two models, Amazfit GTS & Amazfit GTR, are mostly focused on stylish design and the necessary fitness features. Even though the smartwatches are smarter than ever we have to tweak them according to our requirements. Like the display of any watches that goes off when we are not looking at them and it is complicated to see when we are in such a position in which we can’t see the screen.

That’s where Always on Display function came on wearables. When you activate the service, after that screen will not go off and it will show some necessary information on the main display. Many premium watches are now having Always on Display feature. The new Amazfit GTS & Amazfit GTR also comes with it and if you want to know how to enable it then in this guide I will help you to do it. Follow simple steps to activate Always on Display on Amazfit GTS & Amazfit GTR smartwatches.

Activate Always on Display on Amazfit

Amazfit GTR Tips

1. Slide main screen menu from down to up

2. From Menu, go to Settings

3. Now scroll down and tap on Always on Display

4. Here, you will see three option – Digital Dial, Pointer Dial & Turn Off

5. By default, the option is Turn Off

6. Now activate Digital Dial or Pointer Dial to use Always on Display

After successful activation, the Amazfit GTR or Amazfit GTS will not sleep when you are not using. Note that this option eats lots of battery power so use it when you need it most.

The Digital Dial will show time, date, day & burned calories on the main screen. The Pointer Dial will display the same options as Digital Dial but in analog mode. Both options reduce battery power with some percentages. If you find any difficulties in the above steps then ask me.

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