How To Enable Developers Mode On Tizen OS

Tizen is the new OS in market and most customers are new to it, so in the first stage they might face some problems. The iOS and Android is now very old operating systems that’s why many users are now more familiar with them and they know how to deal with them. Tizen is the best and most secure phone operating system in world and in Russia it won best secure smartphone OS award, in the near future it is going to grab some serious market shares. It is now fourth largest smartphone OS in the world by the users.

Here at the Tizen Help we are trying our best to help you in all the way so you could better understand this new operating system. If you really new to this operating system then there are some chances that you have some unsolved questions.

If you also bought Tizen phone then you should familiar with it and its smooth performance. Here to introduce you even more goodies of Tizen OS I am giving you some tips which can help you in many ways. If you are developer and if you want to enable developers mode in Tizen phones then here I will guide you how to enable developers mode in tizen phones to use it in your testing mode.

You are reading this means you are Tizen developer and you are serious to create your quality apps and games on this new platform. First of all we thanks you for developing this new OS in every possible way so users of Tizen will taste much better apps and games. Now to open developers mode read these following steps one by one.


1. First go to Phone Dialer in your phone.

2. Then type *#84936#

3. Then toggle to button next to Developer option.

4. After this, developers mode will be enable in phone Settings

5. Now go to Settings and tap on Developers Option.

6. Then toggle on USB Debugging option.

Thats it after it you can use your Tizen SDK with Tizen OS for testing your apps or games. So Happy Coding. Don’t forget to introduce your new apps or games with us so we could alert our readers about your new creation.

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These steps work on every Tizen phones – Samsung Z4, Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3 & Samsung Z1. All gadgets comes with easy phone dialer so you will find it in easy way.

If you have some suggestions then feel free to tell us, here we are always happy to help you. Don’t forget to share this post with your other developer friends, who knows they may also ready to create apps on Tizen platform.