How To Find Out IMEI Number On Tizen Smartphones

You know that every mobile phone has their own identification numbers and they are unique for every single device on earth. Many people doesn’t know that their all devices has one unique identification number which make their smartphone different than other devices. Most people knows only their SIM numbers are unique and their smartphone numbers are those which are model numbers given by companies.

They think Apple’s identification code is iPhone for smartphones, iPad for their tablets and same for Samsung where most user thinks Galaxy or Note series are identification numbers, but they are all wrong. Because they are not unique numbers they are just model numbers which created by companies to attract customers or to define customers like iPhone and Galaxy S series for high end users and Galaxy Note and iPhone Plus series are for phablet users.

Somehow it is right that all mobiles have some categories but these are not enough to find out which smartphone is someone’s or for the security reasons it is difficult to find out exact cellphone.

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That’s why government gave IMEI numbers for each and every mobile gadgets in world. The IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Without IMEI number your mobile will not pass out in international market. There are many benefits of IMEI numbers, in the billions of mobiles you can find out your exact gadget or if you lost your cellphone then it can help you. It also important due to security reasons of every countries that’s why they always asks for IMEI numbers.


In this situation if you don’t know your mobile’s IMEI number then I will tell you how to find out IMEI number on your smartphone.

1. First and easy way to find out is just dial *#06# from your mobile and After this it will show you your IMEI number.

2. Second easy way to go into Setting of your smartphone and then tap on ‘About Phone’ where you will get it.

3. See it on your SIM card slot, remove SIM slot from your phone and on it you will see it.

4. Last option is, it is on the purchase box of your smartphone and bill receipt. If you are buying new smartphone then on the phone box you will see IMEI number, but if you lost your receipt then remaining three options are always better.

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It is always better to save your IMEI number so in the emergency you will know it. It can help you when you lost your mobile and also it can help government to know real owner of smartphone. If you find this article helpful then don’t forget to share it with your friends.