How To Get Free 50GB Dropbox Storage On Samsung Smartphones

Samsung, the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world is offering free 50GB Dropbox cloud storage for their Samsung smartphones for next 2 years. As per they announced user can get this value offer with Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 2 devices. Their other Grand series and Core series phone are also eligible for it so they can also get benefit. If you don’t know what is Dropbox then I tell you that it is an online cloud service which let you upload and save your all data in their cloud storage space. 

Online storage is beneficial in many ways, first is it is secure so you can store your all private data into it. So you don’t have to worry if you lose your data in unwanted accident or if you lost your phone. The second one is if you have limited storage on your device then it could help you to store more data into it such as if you bought smartphone which don’t have external memory option then you can expand your memory with the help of cloud storage.  For the new user Dropbox provides 6GB free space, but for their promotion they offer more 44GB space with Samsung devices.

Free Dropbox Storage

If you also bought one new Samsung device then you can also get this benefit for next 2 years. Note that it is only for eligible devices, not for all Samsung devices. If your model is eligible for it only then you can get it. For this you just need to follow some basic rules. To get it first you need to login to Dropbox account, if you are not their user then first Sign Up to their account. Go to the Dropbox website from app or from computer website and successfully login to it. Now to get remaining storage space you need to go to website from your computer. Once you visit the website then you need to complete some steps. The steps are below.

Take the Dropbox tour

Install Dropbox on your computer

Put files in your Dropbox folder

Install Dropbox on other computers you use

Share a folder with friends or colleagues

Invite some friends to join Dropbox

Install Dropbox on your mobile device

These are the 7 steps which you will see on the website, in that you just need to complete any 5 steps. Just complete above steps and get your remaining free storage space.

Note that to complete these steps you need one computer. You can’t complete these steps from your mobile device, so open website from computer and enjoy your free 50GB Dropbox cloud storage on Samsung smartphones. This offer is not available for Tizen smartphones or any other devices running on Tizen OS. Only selected Android smartphones will get free Dropbox Storage space. This offer is for all the selected Samsung smartphones, but you must check it before downloading this app. Again Note that this offer is not for Tizen devices, not for single one.

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