How To Get Free Umlimited 4G Data From Jio For 90 Days

This is the new digital revolution in India where all telecom operators are slashing their internet plans. The reason behind sudden price drop is newly launched Reliance Jio operator. It is the rise of Reliance Jio, the new telecom operator in India which is trending everywhere in the country. Reliance Jio is the new player in internet market and under their testing they are offering free internet & calls for 90 days. Reliance calls it preview offer for their customers and employees, who can now use their network for internet and calls for free. Yes, you heard right, they are giving free unlimited 4G data & voice calls for their all existing and new customers. Due to this reason many other operators are slashing prices or their internet plans which were too high before.

Reliance Jio has PAN India 4G network, they had purchased spectrum for all the circles back in 2010, and since then they have been working on their network to launch it in all the cities. In the preview offer you will eligible to test their 4G network in your area, it is trial period so there could be some problems in the network or you can face call connectivity issues due to large numbers of subscribers.

Free 4G Offers

Anyway, they are giving it free for 90 days, so you don’t have to worry about your money. If you also want to use this free offer and if you don’t know how to get it, then don’t worry I will tell you step by step how to get free unlimited 4G data & voice calls from Jio for next 90 days.

1. First check that your smartphone is 4G capable. Jio only offers 4G internet services so you must have 4G supported smartphone.

To check whether your phone is 4G capable or not, go to Settings in your device and open Mobile Network option, here you will find supported bands. Otherwise, search specifications of your phone on internet.

2. Now download all the Jio apps from App Store and install them on your device. There are almost 10 Jio apps present at the moment, you don’t have to download them all. If you download only My Jio app then it is enough to get new offer.

3. Now open My Jio app from the installed apps. In the app tap on get new Jio 4G SIM offer option to apply for new SIM.

4. Then Agree their terms & conditions and select your exact location from the app to view Reliance Jio store near you. If you enable to find your location then type your city name manually.

5. After that app will create new bar code for you and save its screenshot to your gallery. If doesn’t, then take screenshot yourself and save it in the Gallery. Take this bar code and show it to the Jio retailer near you.

6. That’s it after that retailer will provide you new Jio SIM. Insert new SIM into your smartphone and activate it.

7. Don’t forget to take all needed documents & passport size photos of yourself to get new SIM when you visit to Jio store.

To know whether your smartphone is applicable for Jio 4G offers go to the official website of your smartphone maker. For the Samsung this offer applicable on all Galaxy series devices. New Samsung Z2 Tizen smartphone is also eligible for this offer. Now follow these steps to get free unlimited 4G internet data as well as free calling on your smartphone for next 90 days from activation.