How to Make GIFs Using Samsung Galaxy S10

Many users of Samsung Galaxy S10 device are unaware of the feature that they can record or make GIFs of up to 30 frames with the help of both the main as well as selfie camera of the device. However, this is not a new feature, as it was made available in the Galaxy S9 last year and it is continued in the Galaxy S10 series. It means you can record GIFs with Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10e by just tapping and holding the shutter button. Though the feature is available on the devices, you have to enable it manually because the device won’t mention about availability of the feature.

It is interesting that you can record GIFs on your Galaxy S10 device and all theses recordings are saved on the internal storage of the phone. You can not only save recordings but also edit them in Gallery with plenty of options like cutting frames, adding stickers, change in playback speed and direction or putting it on repeating mode.

All these modifications made to the saved recordings make it amazing and compatible to share with your friends. As the GIFs are stored on phone’s internal storage, you can shift them to SD card or online cloud services. Although GIFs are saved on internal storage, yet they occupy much less space compared to videos. To record or make the GIFs on Galaxy S10 using the camera of the device, follow these simple steps:

1. First of all open the camera app on your respective devices like Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e.

2. In the camera app, go to the Settings icon on the above side to the left of the screen.

3. Now search for the Hold Shutter button option and tap it.

4. In the options it shows select Create GIFs option.

By these few simple steps you can enable the recording GIFs option on your device. Though your camera is set to save regular photos and videos on SD card, by default GIFs are saved on internal storage of the device. To avoid the loss of these files you can manually move them to either SD card or cloud storage.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e are next generation smartphones introduced with innovative technology and features. These devices offers infinity-O Display for the advanced level of viewing experience and the ultra wide camera of these devices changes the shooting definition and optimizes experience. Extraordinary camera quality allows you to capture superior quality photos and videos even in a low light conditions.

Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e understand your daily routine and usage patterns and power down the apps you don’t need. Also its massive 4100mAh battery enable you to use the device for whole day with single charging.

Advanced technology inbuilt in the phone intuitively learns your usage patterns and blends into it in order to enhance efficiency of the device. These devices adapts to your life and optimizes your experience. Galaxy S10 5G enhances your connectivity and introduce you with the hyper fast data speed. With the amazing data speed of 5G you can enhance your experience of virtual world like AI, Internet of Things and live streaming.