How To Move Data From Phone To Memory Card On Samsung

Data saved in your smartphone is the most valuable and you should always give priority for its security. That data will include images, videos, files, music and other important things which are worthy of being secured. Often data is by default saved in phone memory unless you change its location to external SD card. Particularly, when phone memory become stuffed with the load of files it become quite difficult to manage and your device’s performance become slow. Then best option in such situation is to move your data from device storage to the external SD card to avoid the overburdening of the device.

Other advantages of transferring data to the SD card are that it become secured and remain intact in case your smartphone is reset and you experience no data lost. The high-end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy A9 comes with more storage option, but the mid-range smartphones like Samsung Galaxy J8, Galaxy J5, Galaxy J2 comes with limited storage space So it is necessary to transfer your files and other important data on external storage. Here we are giving you the detailed information of how to transfer critical data from phone to memory card on your Samsung Galaxy devices.

Samsung Smartphones

1. Go to the home screen and access your apps

Samsung Galaxy devices have the user-friendly interface and its very easy to operate it. After entering the home screen swipe it up and get access to the apps.

2. After you got the app list then select My Files app. This app is often in folder in some devices.

3. Once you entered the My Files app you will get different screen interface that is depending upon your operating system and the model you are using.

Here the files are categorized as images, audio, video, documents etc and you can directly select the file which you want to move or select the device storage option to get access to everything stored in the device.

Depending upon your preferences you have the choice to move the particular file or select the whole data.

4. Once you are clear with which file to move then tap more option. This option may appear in three dot forms in some devices.

5. Now select the files. Depending upon your model and OS you will see either select or edit option. Select the individual file by or select the all files option. After selection press the more option or three dot option in the right corner and select Move.

6. After selection of Move option select the SD card option. To be specific here you can move files to any location of your choice or you can also create the new folder so that it should be easy to find the files later.

By this way and with these simple steps you can move your data from Samsung Galaxy devices to the external SD card. These steps are applicable on almost all Samsung Smartphones & tablets including Android smartphones & Tizen smartphones. If you found any issue in these steps to transfer your data then you can get our help. Just drop the question in the comment box below.