How To Open Recovery Mode On Tizen Phones

Tizen Operating System is now biggest mobile OS than BlackBerry OS and now everyday most users are switching to Tizen due to its smooth performance and security features. Now Tizen has also won best secure operating system award in Russia and it is on the second spot in Indian budget phone market where most users prefers it over Windows and iOS.

I think this is the good move for company and they can now work even hard on it to make it mature and secure mobile operating system in mobile phone competition.

We need to agree with the Tizen platform because it gives us one more competitor in mobile industry, because till 2015 there was only two players in budget segment and those are Android and Windows Phone, but now there is one new player and that is Tizen, the new but also secure and powerful OS.


So now here at TizenHelp office we decided to guide you how to operate this new OS without any problem. Today in our how to article I will guide you how to open recovery mode on Tizen phones, so you can tweak with your gadget. With the recovery mode you can update your OS with latest firmware and also use safe mode into it. Also it gives you chance to reintialization and with it you can reboot your device without doing anything. If you don’t know how to open recovery mode in your Tizen phone then follow these steps.

First press and hold your Home key + Volume key + Power button and after few seconds you will enter in recovery mode.

Still in the recovery mode you can’t delete cache or you can’t format your phone but you can do lot more things with it.

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Now open recovery mode on your phone and do lots of tweak with it which are helpful in many ways. You can open recovery mode on all Tizen smartphones, Samsung Z1, Samsung Z3 and newly launched Samsung Z2 with the same steps. Even the new gadget in the market, Samsung Z4 follows same steps to open Recovery Mode feature so you don’t have to do anything else to open it.

Facing any problem with new device then you can contact us. For the common users it doesn’t necessary to open recovery mode, but for the developers and other pro users this can be very helpful, so at that time use these simple steps to open it. Also forget this article with your friends who want to open recovery mode on their Tizen smartphone.