How to Remove Music from Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with various exciting features and innovative design. Along with enhancing your connectivity Galaxy watch also let you enjoy multiple other incredible features. It has a superior health and fitness tracking system that enables you to stay updated about your health and motivates for a workout. One more exciting feature is that you can add offline music to the Galaxy watch as we know that the watch comes into two variants, namely Bluetooth only and LTE only. Adding offline music to the device lets you stream your favorite song anytime and anywhere.

In the long run, you might get bored with these offline songs because you are streaming the same songs for a longer time. In such a situation you think to remove these songs from the store to add the new and latest songs. It happens either due to a device running out of storage or get bored with the stored songs. More or less, the situation is the same about the apps because Samsung places some unnecessary apps on the device which kills the storage. Galaxy watch has the 4GB of internal storage, and to utilize this optimally, we should remove the songs and uninstall the apps to make the space for the new ones.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Though offline storage on the watch gives quick access to music anytime, after some time we think to delete the old music tracks to make the space for new. Here we are giving you the detailed process about how to remove the old music tracks from your Galaxy watch.

1. First of all, go to the Music Player app on your Galaxy watch and open the music app.

2. Ensure that the music source is set to Watch. After that, swipe up on the screen to bring all the list of songs and playlists.

3. To delete the particular track scroll down to the Tracks option and select it. After that press the three-dot menu on the left side.

4. Now select the Delete icon. Here it will ask to select the song. You can scroll down and select the song which you want to remove. After you choose all the track, hit the Delete button.

But removing hundreds of songs in this way is quite time-consuming. So if you remove all the offline songs from your watch then tap on the little zero icons located at the top. It’s the select all option and after that hit the Delete icon. The process for the removal of Playlists or Albums is the same.