How To Select Best Online Cloud Storage Services

How To Choose Best Online Cloud Service Provider? This is the biggest question of today’s users who want one secure and best cloud service. In this most customers want to secure data with online cloud account because of increase in trust with them. The picture was different 2 years ago where many users were thinking that they are very expensive services and no can afford them. Now companies like Google, Microsoft & Apple have entered into this business so more customers are trusting online cloud services.

Now in 2017-18 the story is very different and many users are now started to believe in cloud services. The main benefit of this service is that you can save your all important data in to it without any fear and most service providers protect your data with latest encrypted software so it stay safe in their safe. The other main factor here is price, most customers can’t afford expensive services so they looking at some cheap options with all the security & privacy.

Now many companies are entered into the cloud business that’s why prices for most cloud services are came down. The prices were very high 2-3 years ago where every providers charges above $100 for 50GB cloud storage. In the expensive service list the number one company was Apple which charges $80 for 40GB cloud storage.

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Apple’s iCloud service is only exclusive for Apple devices that’s why most users don’t have choice to choose other providers and some users uses iCloud services because they trust on Apple more than any other companies. This is not problem for other users which uses other providers over Apple iCloud due to their budget plans and secure services.


In the market largest online cloud service provider is Dropbox which has over 50 millions of customers including all computer and mobile users. The main reason behind Dropbox’s success is its support on all computers and smartphones. You can use Dropbox from all available devices without any problem and it is accessible in offline mode. You can upload, edit or open files from every platform that’s why many customers prefer it over other services.

For smartphone and tablet users it provides Apps which available in iOS App Store, Google Play Store, BlackBerry World and Windows Phone Store. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have Dropbox app for Tizen smartphones and not any scheme for Tizen users.

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In some markets it also offers 50GB free storage space so user can use their services, they tied up with all major smartphone makers to provide some free data to them for 2 years and that’s why many users uses it on their main gadgets.

Below Dropbox there are Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive which grabs some market in recent years. Google gives 15GB free data to all customers and it is also preloaded app on Android devices and that’s reason many Android users use it in their daily work. The OneDrive also gives free data for their Windows smartphones and Windows users on desktop.

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Both Google and Microsoft are big companies in smartphone world and for the reason many users trust on them. You can also open, edit or upload your main files on these services from all major smartphone platforms and computers. You can get Google Drive and OneDrive app from all major smartphones and tablet devices.

In the market there are also Amazon, Box and Copy service providers which are also providing best services to their users. These are rising companies and did very well job in the recent years and their encrypted space also better to store your personal files. Most of them uses their own app on smartphone market so you don’t face any problem.

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If you also want to use online cloud service then your first duty is to check their online security. If you satisfied with their security service and if you are able to use their service on every platform then and only then sign up to their services. You are going to upload your personal data into their cloud account so it is better to first read their terms, conditions and privacy policy so you don’t face any problem in future.

Last but best thing that check their website and app availability on all operating systems platforms including mobile and computer. If you care about these all things then I think online cloud services are better to use.