How to Set Alarm on Mi Band 3 & Band 4

Do you know you can set the alarm using Mi Band 3 & Mi Band 4? Also, you can snooze it and set up to 5 alarms if you have a terrible habit of sleeping at any time. Xiaomi’s Mi Bands do little extra than we think. Till now, we know that we can use night mode function on the band to save battery life and better usability at night. You can adjust the screen brightness and can set the auto screen off feature. Heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking are the best functions that we could use to improve our health.

This time, I will show you how to set the alarm. If you are trying to set the alarm clock from Mi Band, then you are in bad luck. Most new users try to set it by using Mi Band but you can’t do it from the wearable. To set the alarm, you need the Mi Fit app. After setting the alarm you will not hear any tone or sound to wake you up. It will just vibrate at a given time. If you want then at a time, you can set 5 alarms for different times. Follow these simple steps to set up the alarm on Mi Band 3 & Mi Band 4.

Set alarm on Mi Band 3 & Band 4

Mi Band 4 Tips1. Open Mi Fit app on your paired smartphone

2. Then go to Profile > My Devices

3. After that, tap on Mi Band 3 or Mi Band 4

4. Now swipe down & tap on Alarm option

5. Here, click on ‘+’ sign to add to set a new alarm

6. You will see the timing. Scroll to set the timing

7. In this area, you can set the time, frequency, every day, once or custom timing as per your need

8. Once you set the timing for the alarm click on Save

Now the fitness band will wake you up at the given time. In step 7, you can set the frequency like Monday to Friday or just for a day or every day. As we said, you can create up to 5 different alarm clocks. Both Mi Band 3 & Mi Band 4 don’t have a speaker so it will not create any sound or alert you with any tone. When you wear it while sleeping, then it will vibrate on the accurate set time.

You can also set up snooze mode on the wearable. To do that, go to alarm and tap on a saved alarm clock to edit it. Later find the snooze mode setting and activate it. If you have any trouble in these steps, then drop the words. Our team will help you to solve the problem regarding Mi Band 3 or Mi Band 4 wearables.