How to Set up & Use Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch has earned well reputation as the premium wearable. It comes with pretty much features that lure the hardcore watch lovers as well as for others also. The next generation smartwatch which succeeded Samsung Gear line, has many advanced features and capable to perform multiple functions. You can track several activities related to workouts as well as receive notifications directly on your wrist. This will practically save your time and enables you to respond for important notifications from the wrist without using smartphone. It is fuelled with powerful battery life which let you use the watch for longer enough time without interruptions.

In order to start the Samsung smartwatch you have to complete some initial settings after unpacking it. To complete the initial settings follow these simple steps.

1. First of all install watch on charging dock and ensure it is being charged, green light indicates the full charging.

2. Now pair Galaxy Watch with your smartphone that includes compatible Android version.

3. Launch the Galaxy Wearable App, you can also update it to the latest version.

4. Now tap start the journey option and follow instructions displayed on your smartphone.

5. You will be asked with Bluetooth pairing request on the display, tap it and confirm it.

6. After successful pairing of the watch with smartphone, watch displays some tutorials to make you acquaint with features.

For the security and privacy reasons, you can also set screen lock for watch. To set the lock for device rotate the bezel to left or right and tap Settings then select Security after that enter the Lock and select the type which might be either Pattern or Pin according to the convenience. After finishing these initial settings, you are ready to use watch and customize it according to the priorities.

Set Up Galaxy Watch

To install various apps on the wearable go to the Galaxy App Store and download. As the Galaxy Watch supports more than sixty thousands Watchfaces, you can download it from Galaxy App.

Other notable features of the watch includes:

1. Samsung Health will let you know all Stats related to your health and fitness.

2. SmartThings allows you to control smart home devices from wrist.

3. Bixby gives you access to Samsung’s virtual assistant.

4. Allow you to receive calls and respond to notifications without using smartphone. Provided your Galaxy Watch 4G LTE is activated.

Navigate the the rotating bezel on the watch to select the settings, view notifications and select apps. As the Galaxy Watch tied with your wrist, enjoy several advanced features and digital experience directly through the wrist.

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