How to Stop Anyone From Adding you to WhatsApp Group

The WhatsApp Messenger app is by far the most popular social sharing app. Nowadays, everyone uses it for different purposes. The common use of WhatsApp is to share your thoughts with the other person via text, videos, images, audio, GIF, documents, and other formats. There is one more use of WhatsApp. We mostly use it for the family or friends group as well as company group or group with same interests. I can confirm on our WhatsApp, we have at least 10 groups that we use daily.

It is even becoming popular than the Facebook Group or Telegram Group. Facebook Groups are widely popular and we can add unlimited users to them. WhatsApp only allows a limited number of 256 users in a single group. Now, it is a good thing to be a part of WhatsApp Groups, but sometimes it is irritating. Many groups are useless and never produce any value in your life. Again, such groups mean lots of incoming messages in the notification panel. In this case, I will guide you on how to stop anyone from adding you to the WhatsApp Group.

Avoid WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp group Tips

1. Open WhatsApp Messenger

Well, the first step is simple. Open the WhatsApp Messenger app on your Android or Apple smartphone to tablet.

2. Click on three dots

When you open the app, on the upper side you will see three dots.

3. Go to Settings

All the changes can be made through the Settings option. The Settings option is available in the last. Tap on it to go further.

4. Now, open Account and then Privacy

Now you have to follow two steps. First, click on Account, and then in the Account, you will see the Privacy option.

5. Click on Groups

Finally, you have reached the Group setting. here, you can choose who can add you to any group.

6. Choose the option which suits you

The first one which is by default is ‘Everyone’. When you select the first option, then anyone can add you to unknown groups. The second is ‘My Contacts’. In this option, only the person which has added to your contact list has the power to add.

The last or third option is ‘My contacts except’. This gives you the power to choose which contact numbers should not add you to any group. If you think, one particular number is randomly adding you to the group, then you can block them from this option.

This way, you can protect your privacy, and stop people from adding you.