How To Stop Facebook Calls From Unknown Friends On Tizen

Tizen is new platform for many users there, and most of them don’t know much about it. So I always try to guide those users who stuck somewhere on the Tizen. So today in the Tizen Help article I will guide you how to stop Facebook calls from unwanted friends on Tizen. Facebook app and Facebook Messenger app are officially present on Tizen and many users are now trying to use them. After the Facebook law it is must to use Facebook Messenger service to chat with our friends and without it we can’t even open our chats.

Facebook is a must social media platform for every users and many of them are continually stays online on it. It is a great platform to connect with friends to whom we no longer meet or which are far away from us. We can share our everyday enjoyment or any other celebrations with them so they could know every update about us.

On the planet there could be very rare internet person which doesn’t uses Facebook In a while, everybody does in a week or month or at least in a year everyone uses it. Facebook helps us in many other ways like if you are celebrity then you can update your daily routine so your fans will know about you and your upcoming events, also if you are a business person then you can sale your products on it. So these are the some pros of Facebook which helps us in many ways.

You know there are also some cons of Facebook and its related services. If you are only attracted about its good things then you must know its bad things also. Like as its game requests and other creepy notifications which are always disturbing us many times in a day. In the past, every one was disturbing by the Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga games, but after the huge feedbacks from users Facebook made solution for it.

If you don’t know how to stop game requests on Facebook then you can read my article how to stop game requests on Facebook where I will guide you how to stop game requests.


Like as many other disturbances one new disturbance is occurring on Facebook and that is Facebook calling which hurts many of us. Last year Facebook introduced free Facebook calling for their Messenger users and with that everyone can call from their Facebook account. It is best service for users that they can call their friends and family without spending single money.

But sometimes it turn on us like as if you have more than 1000 or 2000 friends then what will you do? If they all started to calling you in whole day then how much your time will waste. The numbers will goes on if you are female user because they will face this problem many times, because most people try to call them whenever they come online.

So that’s why Facebook also give us solution for this problem and we can now block such numbers from calling list so in the future they won’t disturbs us in our quality time. This solution is always better than removing those people from our friends list. If you are also facing this problem then read how to stop Facebook calls from unwanted friends.

1. Login to your Facebook account in Facebook Messenger.

2. Click on the Settings which is below chat sidebar.

3. Then select Advanced Settings.

4. Then enter the names of friends to whom you don’t want to talk in Turn On Chat for Friends Except… Feature.

5. Then click on Save.

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After that your given list will be save and in future you don’t receive single calls from those listed friends. You can also remove those friends from Blocked list from same setting. So now in the future if someone disturbs you in your quality time then you can use this method to stop unwanted calls. If you found this article helpful then don’t forget to share it with your other Facebook friends so they could also take help of this article.