How To Stop Game Requests On Facebook

Facebook is a must social media network for everyone and in the world over billions of people uses it everyday. Nowadays it became must visit website on computer and must have app on smartphones and tablets. There could be rare persons which doesn’t uses Facebook in their lifetime. It connect us with our friends and family so we could stay touch with them. It is best medium to share our beautiful moments with best friends and also it is best medium to express our ideas and problems with community. It has many advantages over disadvantages that’s why Facebook is number one social media site in world and it will there for next several years.

It has everything which you need to stay close with your friends, but sometime it also disturb you in your online status like its email notifications or notifications in notification bar on smartphones. Also there is another type of notifications which are really frustrating and they makes headaches and those are game requests which comes continuesly on Facebook. We know that Facebook is best medium to promote apps and games but sometimes it becomes to much. With the rising of more apps and games many people are sending requests to their friends like as King’s Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga life requests which comes every time from our friends.


We can understand few requests in a day but when we have more friends and they are playing some kind of game then it is possible that they will sent you game requests or life boost, then it really time consuming to face those all requests. But don’t worry, if you also facing this problem then there is also a solution to stop those notifications. Today I will show you step by step instructions to how to stop or block those game requests on Facebook. Follow these simple rules to avoid this problem.

1. Go to notification Settings

2. Then tap on Apps to see all subscribed apps.

3. Then select Platform.

4. Then select Game Invites and App Notifications.

5. That’s it then select Yes to stop notifications from all apps and games.

You can also start receiving app or game notifications. To receive notifications just tap on ‘No’ option and you will receive all notifications and invites.

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If you don’t want to stop or block all apps or games then also you can adjust it from setting.

1. To do that go to Account Settings

2. Then select Notifications

3. Then tap on Notifications from Apps and there unchecked the box of that app or game whose notifications you don’t want receive.

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That’s it, follow these simple steps above and after that not single apps will disturb you again and again. Just receive only those notifications which apps you follow. If you find this article helpful then please share it with your other Facebook friends so they also get help.